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1501 Corporate Drive, Boynton Beach
Originally a general-purpose office building, 1501 Corporate Drive was ultimately converted to a medical office building under the guidance and consultation of Dan Goebel. We were involved with the project from the outset, identifying potential properties and performing feasibility studies. Once the location was chosen we then contracted the property with the buyer. After the renovation was completed, the building, which was purchased for $2.7 million in 1997, was sold in 2003 for $4.75 million.

Medical Staffing Network, Boca Raton
The build-out of this healthcare staffing company's new 25,000 square foot office space had a special constraint: it had to be completed in just 30 days for move-in. Managing the entire project from beginning to end, ISLANDIA began by identifying costs and estimating budgets and timelines. We then worked closely with our client to coordinate designers, architects and engineers, furniture suppliers and other subcontractors in order to get the build-out done on time and on budget.

When Medical Staffing Network went public in 2002, it needed to expand its office space to accommodate its explosive growth. Over just 60 days, the company's additional 50,000 square foot office space was completely renovated. In 2003, Medical Staffing Network experienced yet more growth, necessitating the creation of a new 15,000 square foot IT suite and data center. Working with a design team that included engineers and the client, ISLANDIA identified potential construction issues, such as scalability, power capacity, temperature control, building codes and handicapped access.

Jupiter Urgent Care, Jupiter
ISLANDIA was contracted to oversee the creation of this freestanding urgent care facility from scratch. We began by conducting research of available properties, as well as studying census info to identify patient market potential. Once a suitable location was found, we negotiated contracts and prepared business plans for banks and investors. We then oversaw the design and engineering phase of the project. In the end, the facility was constructed in just 72 working days.

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