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When you need a professional build-out of your boardroom, show room, data center or other commercial office space, turn to an expert with years of experience not only performing the work, but identifying potentially costly pitfalls before the work begins.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Engineering and Technology
Not only does ISLANDIA excel at managing your project from framing walls, to installing wiring and fixtures and performing other construction, but we address all engineering and technology issues prior to beginning a project. Did you know that a computer server rack could weigh over 3,000 pounds? The floor of your company data center must be able to support the weight of the equipment before it is brought in, or you're in serious trouble.

Similarly, X-Ray, CT, MRI or other radiological medical equipment must reside in a room that has been constructed with very specific tolerances. All these issues and more must be thought out in advance to head off potentially expensive mistakes.

Feasibility Evaluation
Most importantly, ISLANDIA BUILDING CORP. can also assist in evaluating the feasibility of your project, before you invest time and money in its execution. Services we provide include budgeting concerns, pro forma financials, and analysis.

Project Management
Even if you're not using ISLANDIA to do the actual construction for your project, you can still benefit from our years of expertise. We can help you avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes when it comes to hiring the right contractors, architects, designers or engineers. We can also assist in the efficient coordination of vendors, as well as advise you on your purchasing and scheduling. ISLANDIA can act as the 'owner's rep', ensuring your interests are best represented in all aspects of your project. We can even aid in bid evaluation, to help ensure that your vendor choices are the best they can be.

When it comes to financial considerations, choosing an experienced advisor is critical. That's why many of our clients choose us to assist with the bank interactions related to their project.

In addition to commercial construction and tenant build-outs, ISLANDIA BUILDING CORP. can assist with these services:
  • High-end Residential Construction

  • Consulting
    • Site Development & Planning
      • Site Identification
      • Purchasing
      • Environmental Issues (hiring of specialized personnel such as wildlife or plant biologists)
      • Mitigation Services
      • Removal of Wildlife or Endangered Plants
      • City Services (e.g. water and sewer)
      • Traffic Analysis, D.O.T Approvals
      • Zoning and Ordinances
      • Flooding and Drainage Considerations

  • General Contracting
    • Clearly define your needs, set parameters, hire sub-contractors, manage project from beginning to end, recommend cost-saving improvements
    • Consistently complete projects on time, within budget and to specification
    • Maintain single-source responsibility with a high level of quality control
    • Use new methods and technologies
    • Carefully plan and execute projects, resulting in efficiency and value

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Environmental Permitting Recommendations

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